Lee Ross – Mobile Massage Therapist

Sunshine Coast Sports Massage Therapist

Qualified with a Diploma of Remedial Massage, Lee Ross employs a range of massage techniques used in Sports Massage including Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy (TPR) and Myofascial Release (MFR).  Lee also utilises Special Orthopaedic Tests including Range of Motion as part of the assessment of Client needs.

Lee’s empathetic nature and ability to truly understand the client’s needs sets him apart from the rest. Clients’ personal and professional goals are of the highest importance for Lee. Targeting his skill set in body maintenance, and the ability to create favourable conditions for the body to heal and perform at an optimal level. Since launching the business, Lee has worked with a range of clients from those that live with ongoing conditions to International Athletes from various sports and everyone in between.

Lee works closely with other like-minded professionals and continues to study other modalities to incorporate into the business and support the needs of all clients.

Our Sports Massage Therapy Services

What is Sports Massage?

Sports massage is similar to remedial massage however the focus is slightly different. As Remedial massage is focused on facilitating healing to a specific area, sports massage is aimed at athletes preparing for an event and/or recovering after an event. Sports massage is also good for those who regularly train to keep their body in optimal condition for their chosen sport.

Why get a Sports Massage?

For the most part, sports massage is to maintain a good Range of Motion (ROM), however, there is a lot of other benefits to getting a regular massage if you train regularly or play sports. For example, Lowering the risk of injury; Increasing flexibility; Decreasing muscle tension and receiving a better night’s rest.

When and how often should you get a Sports Massage?

As a guide, if you train more than three days per week at high intensity then a fortnight massage would be beneficial for you. Whereas if you train five days or more per week, you may find that a weekly massage would benefit you better, however, this is on a person by person basis and there is no definite answer to how often you should get a massage. It comes down to a personal choice and this should be discussed with your therapist.

1hr Massage

$ 80

1.5hr Massage

$ 115

2hr Massage

$ 150

Cupping (Add-On)

$ 10

Request via comments upon Booking

K-Taping (Add-On)

$ 5

Request via comments upon Booking