Lee Ross – Mobile Massage Therapist

Kinesiology Taping (K-Taping) Sunshine Coast

Qualified with a Diploma of Remedial Massage, Lee Ross employs a range of massage therapy techniques used in Massage including Kineaseology Taping (K-Taping).  K-Taping is used in the prevention of injuries as well as assist in tissue repair.

Lee’s empathetic nature and ability to truly understand the client’s needs sets him apart from the rest. Clients’ personal and professional goals are of the highest importance for Lee. Targeting his skill set in body maintenance, and the ability to create favourable conditions for the body to heal and perform at an optimal level. Since launching the business, Lee has worked with a range of clients from those that live with ongoing conditions to International Athletes from various sports and everyone in between.

Lee works closely with other like-minded professionals and continues to study other modalities to incorporate into the business and support the needs of all clients.

Our Kinesiology Taping (K-Taping) Therapy Services

What is Kinesiology Taping?

Kinesiology taping more commonly known as K Taping has recently become a big trend, however, it has actually been around for some time. It was created by a chiropractor in the 1970s and its primary use is to reduce pain and add support to an area that requires it. Kinesiology tape is made of 100% cotton and acrylic adhesive this allows stretch, giving you support but not limiting and/or restricting your movement.

Why get Kinesiology Taping?

Kinesiology taping is used to aid in the recovery and/or can help your joints and muscles in a time of need. When applied after a massage, it may assist and minimise recovery time. You can also use Kinesiology tape before a sporting event to give you support but still allows you free movement during the activity and reduces the impact of the activity on the taped area.

When and how often should you get a Kinesiology taping?

Kinesiology tape can stay on the body for up to five days however my recommendation is that it stays on for three days and then on the fourth day it should be removed.  If you are using kinesiology tape to aid in activities such as sport; then the tape should be applied at least one hour before you start your activity.

1hr Massage

$ 80

1.5hr Massage

$ 115

2hr Massage

$ 150

Cupping (Add-On)

$ 10

Request via comments upon Booking

K-Taping (Add-On)

$ 5

Request via comments upon Booking