Lee Ross – Mobile Massage Therapist

Sunshine Coast Cupping Massage Therapy

Qualified with a Diploma of Remedial Massage, Lee Ross employs a range of massage techniques used in Massage including Cupping Therapy.  Cupping Therapy is especially beneficial to areas where positive pressure cannot be applied.  Cupping Therapy uses a negative (suction) pressure to achieve the desired outcome.

Lee’s empathetic nature and ability to truly understand the client’s needs sets him apart from the rest. Clients’ personal and professional goals are of the highest importance for Lee. Targeting his skill set in body maintenance, and the ability to create favourable conditions for the body to heal and perform at an optimal level. Since launching the business, Lee has worked with a range of clients from those that live with ongoing conditions to International Athletes from various sports and everyone in between.

Lee works closely with other like-minded professionals and continues to study other modalities to incorporate into the business and support the needs of all clients.

Our Cupping Therapy Services

What is Cupping Massage?

Cupping is an alternative therapy where suction is created in a cup that is placed on the body. This can be achieved with either a pump or manual suction using a flame. One way to look at cupping is it being a negative force to the muscle whereas massage is a positive force. After a cupping session, some clients will be left with a bruise-like mark on their body, lasting up to 2 weeks before completely fading, however, there is no pain associated with them.

Why get a Cupping Massage?

Cupping may help to relax your muscles; it can boost your circulation around the body and for others, it just feels great and allows them to relax. Cupping is a great add-on to any massage treatment.

When and how often should you get a Cupping Massage?

Cupping should not be done over the same area where marks are still present, meaning that you can get your back cupped one day and the legs the next but you should not get your back done again until all the marks have completely faded away.

1hr Massage

$ 80

1.5hr Massage

$ 115

2hr Massage

$ 150

Cupping (Add-On)

$ 10

Request via comments upon Booking

K-Taping (Add-On)

$ 5

Request via comments upon Booking